A Messy Office

A Messy Office

My office is also my craft room…but at least it’s all mine! When we moved into our new house a few years ago, I think my new craft room was a smaller than the last house. Trying to fit everything in this room was a little bit of a challenge. This room was a disaster for a few years.

The Juliano Adventure Crafts Before 1
The Juliano Adventure Crafts Before 2

This tax season, we made a trip to the local Ikea for some storage. I had a box full of yarn in the closet, crafts I hadn’t touched in years, and no where to put it all. I even “borrowed” my son’s old dresser with a hutch that I used to store my essential oils. Well, in March, it looked like I would be working from home for an extended period of time…so now it was time to look at what I could do with the limited space. It was an adventure to get these inside the closet. Thankfully Dom was able to somewhat take them apart and slide the second one in. A little Juliano magic!

I was finally able to clean up my crafts and have everything visible. Maybe I would even start doing crafts again. With my mounted TV and the rocker that was in Devlin’s nursery, I know have a cozy little nook!

The Juliano Adventure Crafts 8
The Juliano Adventure Crafts 9

Over the years, I have had many different crafts, but when I started organizing the room, I got rid of a lot of it. One of them was scrapbooking. Back when I first created my wedding scrapbook, smart phones and cloud storage weren’t popular or easily accessible. I got the ceremony pictures in the book, but never finished with the reception. I still had TONS of paper and stickers, cutting tools, and more. I thought about selling it all, but with everyone staying at home and the amount I had, I ended up saving the paper for firestarter, saving my favorite stickers, and tossing the rest. Man, it felt good to purge!

So…how many of you have crafts or projects that you started and never finished? What kinds of hobbies do you want to learn or pick up again? Now that we have all been stuck at home and getting ready to escape, have you purged some of your old hobbies as well?? Gotta do the Marie Kondo method, does it give you joy?

Share your craft and hobby storing ideas! Would love to get more ideas for my ever-expanding collection! Haha

The Juliano Adventure Crafts 10

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